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My writings on news, culture, theatre, literature and history have appeared in a number of publications. Some of the most recent - and the best - of them are collected on this page. 

Recent Work


* How did Hong Kong become a virtual lab for protest in a surveillance state? (The Wilson Quarterly

* Ivan Sviták and the power of truth in a post-truth age. (The New Republic)

* An interview with the host of All In with Chris Hayes about the long COVID winter of 2020-2021. (The Wilson Quarterly). 

* The Velvet Revolution and an American grad student inspired Bohumil Hrabal to write one of his greatest works. (The Wilson Quarterly)

*How did two American women become war correspondents in 1897 Greece? (The New Republic

* Dachau 1919 and Dachau 1933 (Balkans via Bohemia

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