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The Drowned Girl / Key Facts


The Drowned Girl is a tale of complicity – and why it is such an essential element in how evil takes root in the world and spreads into the fiber of our society. Set largely in Nazi film industry of the 1930s and 1940s, it is also a tale of how art can be perverted and deployed in the service of genocide and destruction. 

In a moment when a new wave of fascism seeks to rewrite or erase history, The Drowned Girl seeks to pull its audience into reflecting upon how the individual choices we make to resist what we know to be wrong – or to acquiesce to it in seemingly unimportant ways – allow evil to hold immense  sway over human lives and history. 


A once-famous starlet of Nazi film is condemned to haunt the waters of a tortured afterlife. In folklore, such water spirits often reemerge in human form to lure us back into the depths with them. Can the famous “drowned girl” of the Third Reich cinema find redemption by retelling her tale of complicity with evil – or remain banished in her watery oblivion?


A once-famous starlet of Nazi film returns as a water spirit (or Nixie) seeking redemption. Will she grapple at last with her toxic legacy – or remain condemned to her watery oblivion?   

The Essentials:

Runtime: 1 hour 10 minutes 02 seconds

Shooting Format: HD
Film Color: Color


Completion Date: July 14, 2023

Production Budget: 22,000 USD

Country of Filming: United States

Locations: Triad Theatre (Manhattan); Popsicle Studios (Brooklyn); Art Factory (Paterson, NJ); Tiber Island Cooperative Homes (Washington, DC); William J. Brennan Court House  (Jersey City, NJ)

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