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Richard Byrne

I was born in Philadelphia. 

Travel a lot -- especially in Central and Eastern Europe. 


I write plays and films.  

Read more about my work in theatre in the PLAYS section.

Also, I am an award-winning editor and journalist. Check out my CV page for an accounting of what I have done. 

My work has been published in places including Time, The Nation, The New Republic, The BafflerBookForum, New York Press, The Wilson Quarterly, The Guardian, and the Washington Post. You can read the best of this work on my WRITINGS page. 

Some people find this page because of my music writing. Try the MUSIC page -which includes liner notes for records by R.E.M. and Uncle Tupelo.


My blog is Balkans via Bohemia. Find that here.

Want to produce or publish my plays? Hire me to write/edit for your publication? Get in touch via my CONTACT page.   

Thanks for visiting! 

Richard Byrne photo (top right) by Teresa Castracane.

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