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The Drowned Girl / Creative Team


Annalisa Loeffler (The Drowned Girl) is a Swedish-American actress (AEA) based in New York who has been performing since she was 4 years old, specializing in classical theatre. While hoping fervently for the full return of independent theatre in post-pandemic NYC, she currently keeps busy with her band, The Buttery Barmaids.

Andrew Bellware (Director/Composer) has directed nearly 20 feature films and has composed and conducted numerous theatrical, film, and opera scores. Andrew was a founding member of Manhattan Theatre Source and a sound designer on hundreds of plays.  A resident of Jersey City, NJ, he has a Master’s degree in music composition from the University of Chichester and is presently finishing a PhD in music composition by practice at the University of Salford.

Laura Schlachtmeyer (Producer) has more than 13 feature films to her credit, in collaboration with Andrew Bellware and Pandora Machine LLC. Currently living and working in Washington DC, she's also an award-winning theatrical stage manager with years of productions in Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, New York, and DC. 


Paula D'Alessandris (Performance Director) is the Artistic Director/ Founder of Mind The Gap Theatre (MTG), New York’s premiere Anglo-American theatre company dedicated to producing new British plays and creating an exchange of works between the U.S. and UK. She primarily focuses on new play development and has produced the work of over 115 writers featuring over 203 actors to date.

Richard Byrne (Screenwriter) has written plays including Burn Your Bookes (First Prize, Prague Post Playwriting Festival / Taffety Punk) and Nero/Pseudo (WSC/Avant Bard) and short films including Let the Darkness In (Prague Fringe), A Pair of Shoes (Vancouver Fringe), Flamingo and Helsinki. His play Hotel Mayflower is forthcoming in a bilingual edition from Moloko Print (Germany).

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