An actor's Zoom interview for an infomercial reveals  conflict & collusion between art & commerce. Kool-Aid. Shakespeare. Male pattern  baldness. Such stuff as dreams are made on?


Featuring Tony Travostino. 



Bonnie never thought she'd be at the center of Florida's catastrophic response to COVID-19. But suddenly she's on TV, explaining it all. 


Featuring Rebecca Kush.  Directed by Andrew Bellware.

Let The Darkness In  


A public health official's last message to her team explores the collision of science and politics in a time of pandemic. 


Featuring Christa Kimlicko Jones.

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A Pair of Shoes - Steady.JPG

A Pair of Shoes


Ancient Romans accepted endless wars, a debased currency, and mass execution of rulers' political opponents. Sound familiar?


Featuring Maduka Steady.

Day 21


How does illness lay bare the fragility of our lives?

Featuring Cathy Conneff, 

"A a stunning performance .." -- DC Theatre Scene

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The Garden of Earthly Delights

What will our post-COVID world look like?

Featuring Henrietta Weekes.

An Evening

with Lola Montez


"An Evening With Lola Montez is one of the most fascinating Fringe shows I've seen..." -- Broadway World

World premiere:  

July 2019 at the Capital Fringe Festival 

Three Suitcases


2019 Eugene O'Neill Playwrights Conference

New York 1939: A landscape of political refuges, growing fascism, and attempts to rewrite history. 



"[A] bona-fide hit musical, from the pen of Richard Byrne." - Broadway World

"... a fun romp that effortlessly links ancient themes of imperial deification & the 20th century cult of rock and roll." -  MD Theatre Guide

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Recent Writing 

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"I have found pandemic winter brutal. I'm just really over it.”

Chris Hayes navigates a season of COVID-19.

The Wilson Quarterly.

How the Velvet Revolution - and an American grad student - sparked a classic book by Bohumil Hrabal. 

(The Wilson Quarterly)


How did the streets of Hong Kong become a teeming laboratory for protest in a surveillance state?

(The Wilson Quarterly)

An interview with Irene Zanol on the links between art and politics in the work of

Ernst Toller.

(Ernst Toller Gesellschaft)


Ivan Sviták,  the Soviet invasion of Prague in 1968 -- and the continuing relevance of his thought in a post-truth age. 

(The New Republic)

The connections between the 1919 victory of Munich revolutionaries at Dachau & the Nazi creation of a death camp there in 1933.

(Balkans via Bohemia)

Panopticon 3.jpg

Exploring "weaponized interdependence" and how global networks shape foreign policy with scholars Henry Farrell and Abraham Newman.

(The Wilson Quarterly)

A conversation with one of America's great actors - John Astin - about teaching a new generation the tricks of the trade.

(Krieger Arts and Sciences Magazine)